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Starbucks coffee home mix

Whole Bean Coffee - Medium Roast

10.80 USD

Starbucks Coffee Medium Roast Home Mix (ground beans)

100% Arabica coffee

Taste notes: cocoa and toffee

This Latin American coffee is full of flavour, balancing nutty and cocoa with a hint of sweetness from roasting.

It's very simple. A blend of exquisite Latin American coffee beans roasted to a lustrous, lustrous chestnut. Full of flavour, balanced by nutty and cocoa, just a touch of roasted sweetness. This coffee is our beginning, the first blend we created for you in 1971. A true reflection of us and a delicious cup of coffee, that's the story.

Enjoy at home with ground coffee from Starbucks ® House Blend. These bags are made of ground coffee and ready to be brewed.

Weight: 200 g

10.80 USD
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