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Cold Water Twining Citrus Ginger Infusion

12 bags

9.18 USD

Citrus zest and ginger soaked in cold water.

From the famous London brand Twining of tea and herbs since 1706 AD

Made from 100% natural fruits and herbs without additives

Caffeine Free

sugar free

We realize that it can sometimes be difficult to make sure that you achieve your water goals every day. Therefore, we have developed a mini infusion bag that brings a refreshing touch of fruity flavor to your plain old water, wherever you are. Simply drop, let go, shake and enjoy!

Our new and improved Cold In'fuse is a blend of lemon, orange and ginger flavors.

Our blends are infused with herbs and natural fruit flavors, so you can bring your old waters to life with this sugar-free infusion.

the ingredients:

White hibiscus*, rosehip*, natural lemon flavor (18%), apple chunks*, natural orange flavor with other natural flavors (7%), orange peel* (3.5%), roasted chicory*, hibiscus*, natural ginger flavor With other natural flavorings (3%).

* These herbal ingredients are specially heat treated to make them our absolutely safe strainer to drop into cold water.

the total weight:

30 g


12 bags

Storage Tips:

Store in a cool, dry place away from light

Preparation tips:

Put one sachet into the water bottle (500ml) and let it sit for 5 minutes, then shake the bottle well to spread the flavor and enjoy the refreshing and clear water.

The soaked water should be consumed within 8 hours of preparation.

Made in Britain

9.18 USD
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