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شاي Harney & Sons الملكي - مجموعة هدية

5 flavors

23.76 USD

Harney & Sons Premium Tea Set of the finest quality tea

A mixture of yellow and blue herbs

Decaffeinated Vanilla Black Tea

Cinnamon black tea

Green tea with Chinese flowers

Black tea with peach and ginger

Our Tagalong gift is always charming and fun. Includes a colorful stack of Tagalong tins from our HT Collection, packaged in a clear organza drawstring bag tied with a bow. Each Tagalong comes filled to the brim with tea bags (3 to 5 per pack, depending on the type of tea).

HIGH QUALITY TEA - Harney & Sons aims to provide the best quality tea possible. Enjoy premium quality tea made with the highest quality ingredients.


5 different cans (3 to 5 tea bags per pack, depending on the type of tea).

British industry

23.76 USD
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