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Nesperos Costa Rica coffee

250 grams

15.66 USD

Nesperus coffee from Costa Rica from Soil Roastery

From the rich coast of Costa Rica.

This crop brings you fruity hints, descended from the red Katawi strain

In response to the growing need for high quality specialty coffee through a variety of treatments unlike traditional cooperatives, Gerado Aris and his family set up Café Directo, a processing plant to produce special crops from their Finca Casa de Piedra farmland. And to support small producers around.

The Giardo family has focused primarily on the Costa Rican environment, 50 percent of their agricultural areas are protected forests and the area where coffee is produced is covered in the shade of dense trees, on the farm the use of pesticides and pests is reduced by 75 percent to protect the native plants and animals and to renew the soil.

At the treatment plant they experimented with many different treatments from washed to natural drying to anaerobic drying.

Processing: dried

Overtones: apple - red currant - plum

Weight: 250g

Whole grains, not ground

15.66 USD
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