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مجموعة هدية شاي Harney & Sons ديلايت

6 pieces

50.76 USD

Harney & Sons Premium Tea Gift Set - Delight

The English Delight Gift features two packs of English Breakfast Tea, one is a traditional Chinese Keemun blend, the other is an awakening blend of Ceylon tea and African black tea. Enjoy your tea with the traditional Teatime Shortbread for a creamy, buttery morsel, perhaps popping in some sugar to taste. Combined with a cheerful chicken graphic tea towel, it's a perfect choice for Anglophile tea lovers! Each tea bag comes with 20 bags.

HIGH QUALITY TEA - Harney & Sons aims to provide the best quality tea possible. Enjoy premium quality tea made with the highest quality ingredients.


1 can of black English breakfast tea (20 bags)

1 tin Classic English Breakfast Black Tea (20 bags)

1 packet of fine oat biscuits (204 grams)

1 packet French sugar cubes in the shape of a teapot

1 tea towel with fun graphics

British industry

50.76 USD
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