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Starbucks caramel coffee

Ground coffee - medium roast

16.74 USD

Starbucks coffee with caramel flavor

100% Arabica coffee

bowl and soft

Starbucks Coffee Caramel has a medium-roast smooth coffee with a buttery caramel flavor to satisfy sweet cravings.

Starbucks coffee features natural flavors inspired by the coffee shops you love.

Enjoy the Starbucks coffee you love without leaving home.

For best taste, use cold filtered water and store ground coffee in a cool, dark place

Each package contains a 340g bag of Starbucks ground coffee

16.74 USD
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3 months ago

كم عدد السعرات الحرارية بالملعقة الواحدة حجم صغير


copy shop | Cupee Shop

3 months ago

30 سعرة عند تحضيرها بدون حليب
120 سعرة عند تحضيرها بالحليب

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