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Harney & Sons Royal Tea Selection

32 tea bags

29.70 USD

Harney & Sons Premium Tea Collection

The signature Harney & Sons gray linen tea box has become a classic gesture of warm hospitality to hosts and guests alike. We fill it with our choice of eight encapsulated flavors, 4 packages of each flavor (32 total). Be assured that our selection will be great and well accepted. Use the box and refill it at all times.

HIGH QUALITY TEA - Harney & Sons aims to provide the best quality tea possible. Enjoy premium quality tea made with the highest quality ingredients.


4 pyramid tea bags Paris

4 pyramid sweet cinnamon tea bags

4 pyramid bags of Japanese Sencha tea

4 pyramid bags of organic green tea with citrus and ginkgo biloba

4 pyramid tea bags raspberry

4 pyramid english breakfast tea bags

4 pyramid chamomile tea bags

4 Pyramid Earl Gray tea bags

29.70 USD
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