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مجموعة هدية شاي Harney & Sons كومفورت

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Harney & Sons Premium Tea Gift Set - Comfort

Sometimes words fail. Give the gift of tea to wish your friends and loved ones comfort and peace in difficult times. Serve delicious fruit tea for a moment of relaxation or soothing herbal options, best enjoyed with crunchy biscuits on the side. Each box comes with 20 sachets. Including: Black Currant Tea Case, Komuro Vanilla Tea Case, Ginger Tea Case, Savannah Bee Co. Honey Sticks. (12 lollipops), Lemon Almond Biscuit Bites (2 oz), Double Chocolate Biscotti Bites (2 oz)

HIGH QUALITY TEA - Harney & Sons aims to provide the best quality tea possible. Enjoy premium quality tea made with the highest quality ingredients.


1 black currant tea bag (20 bags)

1 packet Comoros Vanilla Tea (20 bags)

1 can of ginger tea (20 bags)

1 packet of premium biscuits with lemon and almonds (60 grams)

1 box of premium chocolate biscuits (60 g)

1 box of honey sticks (12 pcs)

British industry

50.76 USD
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