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Twining Inner Peace . Special Herbal Tea

18 tea bags

10.53 USD

Relaxing vanilla, sweet fig and sage herbal tea with ashwagandha root

From the famous London brand Twining of tea and herbs since 1706 AD

Made from 100% natural fruits and herbs without additives

sugar free

Caffeine Free

Enjoy this calming blend daily as the perfect partner for the waking moment.

Inner peace, in a cup, for all soul seekers out there. When you need to pause for a minute, release the negative energy and feel more of a belonging. The secret lies in a beloved root called ashwagandha. Three cheers for its earthy flavour, balanced by vanilla, fig, and rooibos so all of a sudden it all makes sense.

What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha, a wonderful and beloved root traditionally used in Ayurveda.

This blend is perfect for a moment of relaxation and is naturally caffeine-free.

the ingredients:

Rooibos* (61%), roasted chicory root*, natural fig flavor with other natural flavors (11%), ashwagandha root* (8%), natural vanilla flavor with other natural flavors (5%).

* All of our herbs are gently steamed, this gentle process to protect their delicate flavour.

the total weight:

36 g


18 tea bags

Storage Tips:

Store in a cool, dry place away from light

Preparation tips:

Leave for 3-5 minutes to get the full flavor of the tea

It can be drunk hot or cold with ice as a refreshing drink

Made in Britain

10.53 USD
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